(Update: Not So Much) YouTube may buy Twitch for $1 Billion

by David Loft posted May 18th 2014

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Update August 25th 2014: It looks like talks fell through between YouTube and Twitch as it was announced today that Amazon will buy Twitch for $1 Billion.

Everyone thinks Google is going to 'fuck up Twitch like they did with YouTub'

So the internet is going crazy over this. Everyone thinks Google is going to 'fuck up Twitch like they did with YouTube'. Which honestly, is way overblown. Before Google, YouTube was a money pit circled by ravenous lawyers. Google was the only company who could take that service and keep it alive long enough to shape it into the profitable business it is today.

Now I know most of internet rage comes from those that dislike the integration of Google+ comments with YouTube. But to be honest if you embrace it and utilize both platforms, it has some benefits. Prior to the Google+ integration, I could not find a worse place to interact than what was found in YouTube comments.

As to my experience, I personally love when I go to comment on a YouTube video and anyone I follow on Google+ who has commented is at the top of the list. Also, if I comment on YouTube, that video and the comment is shared on Google+. If someone from Google+ comments on that post, it's also shared to YouTube. From my use, it brings people I know to forefront, and brings in more commments than I would see otherwise. I'm also commenting on YouTube videos far more now and sharing more YouTube videos on Google+. That sounds like a win to me.

But enough with Google+ and onto why I think YouTube (Google) buying Twitch will be a good thing. Twitch seems like a fairly small, cash starved operation. So hopefully the extra money will help build better infrastructure, better apps, Chromecast support and better development tools so developers can more easily add Twitch to their app or game.

We'll see if Google integrates Google+ profiles with Twitch but it could fix some of the issues Twitch has as it shares the same profile database with JustinTV. Since YouTube is buying Twitch and not Justin.TV a move away from that profile database will be necessary. So moving to Google+ profiles may be necessary.

I personally had some issues getting Twitch to work initially as I had a Justin.TV profile that allowed me to view content or chat on either site. However I could only broadcast and follow channels on the Justin.TV, not Twitch. There is a form you can fill out to get it changed over to Twitch but you loose support on Justin.TV. I ended up just creating a new Twitch profile which worked, but as far as a user facing experience is a completely broken one. So I for one would love to see a major change in this department.

I'm looking forward to seeing what changes and improvements YouTube brings along with the possible integration of the two.

Source: Youtube To Buy Twitch For 1 Billion

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