Goodbye Google Reader, It's Been Swell

by David Loft posted March 14th 2013

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My initial reaction to Google's news was bad, I was angry. But after some thought I realized it may actually be a good thing.

I've used several different podcast apps which synced with Google Reader including Google Listen, Dogcatcher and BeyondPod. But now I use Pocket Casts and it dropped Google Reader support in the latest version. Instead they built their own back end and it works even better than Google Reader.

I've used a dozen different RSS apps and because of Google Reader it's easy to switch. I currently use Feedly for my RSS feeds which syncs with Google Reader. I just read on Feedly's blog that they have been working on their own back end for quite some time. As soon as Google Reader goes offline, their back end will kick in and offer a seamless transition.

The good side to all of this is that all the RSS and Podcasts app developers will just build their own back end and likely add more functionality. The bad side of this is moving between services will no longer be as easy as it is today.

I always found Google Reader to be somewhat of a crutch. It was a great convenience to users and developers alike. Because it was there developers didn't bother building their own syncing service. It was good enough so they didn't bother building something better. Now that they have to, we might actually see some competition and innovation in this space.

Source: Google's Official Blog

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