Google announces Chromebook Pixel

by David Loft posted February 21st 2013

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Wow I didn't think this was going to be real. It definitely looks nice and I'm sure the screen is gorgeous, but it looks a little thick next to a Macbook Air. But compared to Apple's retina Macbook Pro, it's thinner and lighter.

This is going to be a tough sell, majority of consumers don't care about pixel density and the ones that do will probably want more functionality.

It would definitely have a better chance if priced at $1000 or less. But the LTE option combined with 1TB of free Google Drive storage could be fairly compelling to anyone who does everything in the cloud and wants a premium device.

Chromebooks so far are a niche product and this device is a niche of that niche. But I admire Google for going for it. A lot of people are calling it a failure because it's never going to sell well. But I don't think Google has any illusions that it would ever do so. It's their halo device, a device built to inspire developers and manufactures to do better with Chrome OS.

Google is not Dell, their profits and successes as a company are not based solely on unit sales.

The majority of their profits, even to this day are from advertising. Any other product they release is for the sole purpose of expanding that reach.

Number of units sold should not be the way in which this product is judged. Only if it fails at improving the Chrome OS ecosystem and expanding their user base and advertising reach should it be called a failure.

Anyone judging this as a fail based solely on sales estimates is clearly clueless.

Source: Google announces Chromebook Pixel

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