Google announces Chromebook Pixel

by David Loft posted February 21st 2013

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Wow I didn't think this was going to be real. It definitely looks nice and I'm sure the screen is gorgeous, but it looks a little thick next to a Macbook Air. But compared to Apple's retina Macbook Pro, it's thinner and lighter.

This is going to be a tough sell, majority of consumers don't care about pixel density and the ones that do will probably want more functionality.

It would definitely have a better chance if priced at $1000 or less. But the LTE option combined with 1TB of free Google Drive storage could be fairly compelling to anyone who does everything in the cloud and wants a premium device...

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Tech Predictions for 2012

by David Loft posted January 3rd 2012

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The iPad 3 will be released in Q2. The big upgrade will be the display with an increase in resolution to 2048 x 1536 and be called the Retina display. It will launch with Apple's new A6 chip and upgraded to 1GB of RAM. The front and rear cameras will also be upgraded....


Android is number one worldwide and in the US, but in Canada it's only number 3. By the end of Q3, Android will be number one in Canada...


Microsoft will increase spending on advertising Windows Phone in 2012. Combine that with the help of Nokia's latest and greatest smartphones and Microsoft will start increasing their market share...

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