Pull List February 20th

by David Loft posted February 20th 2013

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This week has really been an embarrassment of riches. I picked up 8 books today and it's really hard to pick what to read first, there's so much great stuff. I'm not gonna do a big write up about each issue. Too many books to write about and too many I just want to read. So here they are...

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Best Comic of the Week February 13th - Batman #17

by David Loft posted February 18th 2013

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This was kinda a given wasn't it.

If not for the fact that it's my favorite super hero comic it's also one of the best super hero series currently in production and one of few good DC comics still running strong from it's New 52 introduction. Scott Snyder definitely knows how to write.

Batman #17 is the conclusion to the excellent Death of the Family story arc. While I have heard a few complaints that issue 17 was a letdown, I don't really agree with them...

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Pull List February 13th

by David Loft posted February 13th 2013

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I got a good haul this week with 2 more issues than last week and a couple issues that have me at the edge of my seat and I can't wait to read what's next...

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Best Comic of the Week February 6th - Snapshot #1

by David Loft posted February 11th 2013

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This was a hard week. None of the books were truly great, but none of them were bad either.

They were all good and I wen't back and forth a bit before deciding on Snapshot. The decision was based solely on the fact that I'm most excited for the next issue, than any of the other books. There's a couple unanswered questions and a great cliffhanger ending, it's just something the other books didn't have.

For a while I was considering Amazing Spider-Man #3. I've been ho hum about the series, but this weeks issue was easily the best. I also strongly considered Fearless Defenders, another good first issue...

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Pull List February 6th

by David Loft posted February 6th 2013

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It's a light week for me with just 4 issues, and 2 of them are brand new number ones. Of the two I'm continuing to read, All-New X-Men #7 has me the most excited...

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Best Comic of the Week January 30th - Batman and Robin Annual #1

by David Loft posted February 4th 2013

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This comic surprised me. I've always enjoyed the artwork of this series as well as the dynamics between batman and robin, father and son. But the series far too often plays second fiddle to the excellent Scott Snyder's Batman. About half of the issues in the series so far has been used as mere filler for big story arch's such as Night of Owls and Death of the Family.

When engulfed by these side stories Batman and Robin often just becomes Robin and looses what makes the series great.

Annual #1 thankfully doesn't do this and to no surprise is the best Batman and Robin in quite some time. It's also a nicely contained issue not requiring you to read any other issues to enjoy...

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Google Play Movies Review

by David Loft posted December 4th 2012

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Google has been renting movies through Google Play for a while now but finally brought the option to buy movies to Canada about six weeks ago. After testing it out for the past month I decided it was time to share my thoughts and experiences with the service.

First and foremost, the content selection, or as it pertains to Google Play Movies the lack of content, is a big issue.

I made a list of my favorite 85 movies that I would want in my movie collection. Unfortunately only 52 of those are available to purchase and of the remaining 33, 17 are only available to rent. This includes the just released Dark Knight Rises...

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iPad Mini

by David Loft posted September 18h 2012

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It's not if or when that's important, it's how much?

And how does it fit between the products they currently offer? The old iPod Touch will continue to sell for $200 while the new iPod Touch will sell for $300. At $400 you have the iPad 2 and $500 the iPad 3. So where would an iPad mini fit in?

Another question is can Apple really compete with Google and Amazon on price? They're both selling at cost in hopes to make it up with their digital stores and advertising. Apple is built on hardware sales and it accounts for 90% of their profits. Their digital store is built as a lock in more than for a significant generation of profits...

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Apple's Pre-Order Orchestra

by David Loft posted September 17th 2012

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One of Apple's best marketing tactics is in the way they orchestrate their pre-orders.

Every year they increase the number of units available for pre-order so they can boast that their latest device has been pre-ordered twice what the previous model was pre-ordered. While at the same time not making available enough units to fulfill pre-order demand so their latest device sells out in record time...

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Apple vs Samsung

by David Loft posted August 28th 2012

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When the iphone was release, Phone manufacturers had three choices. Do nothing, copy or build something new.

Rim and Nokia chose to do nothing and continue as they were, now look at where there are, fractions of their once former selves.

Microsoft chose to build something new, they ditched Windows Mobile and the end result was Windows Phone. It's definitely new and refreshing, but it's also three years late.

Google and many of the OEM's who chose to employ Android chose to replicate Apple's success and I have to say at least with Samsung it was the right choice. It really was Samsung's shear size and manufacturing...

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