Safe In Cloud Password Manager

by David Loft posted February 23rd 2013

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I like to have unique passwords for all my important accounts. As I do just about everything I can on the web, I have a lot of passwords. So a password manager is essential to my daily routine.

I just stared using Safe In Cloud Password Manager and it is an absolutely amazing app.

I'm so glad I finally decided to drop the pathetic 1Password app which on Android was read only. This app is beautifully designed as it follows the holo guidelines and is tablet optimized.

If you want it to sync between devices you can use Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or SkyDrive to handle the process for you. If you want a desktop app, a free one is available as well. I just can't say enough about this app, it's well worth $2.

The only thing I'm left wishing for is access to my passwords through the web.

They currently offer a PC application and are working on a Mac one. For an app called Safe In Cloud you think they would focus on the cloud first.

I'm always looking for one less app to install on my PC and the ability to access from any computer would have been a plus. Heck they could have even made a Chrome app with full offline support. But no, they're busy building desktop applications like it's 2003.

On top of no web support and the unfinished Mac app, they also don't have an iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry or Linux app. So right now it's just Android and PC. If you can live with that limitation, I highly recommend you buy it.

Score: Android App 9.0, Ecosystem 5.0

Download: Safe In Cloud Password Manager

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