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by David Loft posted September 18h 2012

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It's not if or when that's important, it's how much?

And how does it fit between the products they currently offer? The old iPod Touch will continue to sell for $200 while the new iPod Touch will sell for $300. At $400 you have the iPad 2 and $500 the iPad 3. So where would an iPad mini fit in?

Another question is can Apple really compete with Google and Amazon on price? They're both selling at cost in hopes to make it up with their digital stores and advertising. Apple is built on hardware sales and it accounts for 90% of their profits. Their digital store is built as a lock in more than for a significant generation of profits.

If priced low they will take sales away from Google and Amazon but I suspect more sales will be lost from the iPod and iPad line if they truly price the iPad mini aggressively.

So given Apples desire for a high quality product with large profit margins I just can't see them competing on price. I suspect a price point of $300 would work and possibly as low as $250, but they'll have to drop some storage and a camera to do so.

I also wouldn't be surprised to see a Retina version for $100 more. In that scenario I expect the base model would have a 960 * 640 (148 PPI) display and the Retina version to run at 1920 * 1280 (294 PPI).

The unfortunate side of this is the ever increasing fragmentation of iOS and the result will be a limited app selection optimized for the iPad mini at launch.

I know many people think the iPad mini will just have the specs and resolution of the iPad 2 so iPad apps will just work. But trust me that won't work, 10" apps will be cramped at 7.85". It will work best if Apple creates a division between the iPad and iPad mini to encourage developers to build specifically for the size and resolution.

So what are your thoughts?

Source: TechCrunch

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