Honeycomb Tablet Growth

by David Loft posted February 5th 2012

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So after 10 months on the market Honeycomb is now on just under 9 million tablets.

Is 9 million good? Or is a failure the tech press has made it out to be. On that note I'm willing to bet if you asked them how many Honeycomb tablets have been sold, most would give you a number well below 9 million.

Even given the decent numbers they're not exactly flying off the shelves, especially compared to the iPad which has sold 15 million in Q4 alone. The Kindle Fire, which everyone is calling the most successful Android tablet sold just 5 million in Q4.

Honeycomb tablets have sold 5.35 million in the last 3 months

This puts it on par with the Kindle Fire. Clearly as a whole Honeycomb tablets are doing fairly well, but an individual tablet manufacturer, not so much. The manufactures that make up that portion of Honeycomb tablets include; Samsung, ASUS, HTC, LG, Acer and Toshiba, just to name a few.

I look forward to seeing how Android fares in 2012. I expect with the arrival of improved hardware, more competitive pricing and Ice Cream Sandwich, Android tablets will continue to grow market share. It's a shame it will be so difficult to track as Google's platform version numbers only shows the percentage by version number and not by type.

It's only because Honeycomb was a tablet only OS that I was able to keep track of it's growth over the past several months.

Because of that it's likely there are many more Android tablets already in use today running an older version of Android original built for phones. In all likelihood, there are at least twice as many tablets as I have charted here. Hence the reason I titled this Honeycomb tablet growth, as apposed to Android tablet growth.

Up to now the growth has been slow, but it is growth and in the face of the shear dominance of the iPad it's fairly impressive. I suspect if we add up Honeycomb, 2.x, Nook and Kindle tablets together, they likely account for 50% of the tablet market. I know many market analyst's have said the iPad will dominate until 2015. But from the numbers I'm looking at, the change is coming much sooner than many people will expect.

In 2012, the iPad will be the single biggest seller, but as a whole Android tablets will outsell the iPad.


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