Apple's Pre-Order Orchestra

by David Loft posted September 17th 2012

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One of Apple's best marketing tactics is in the way they orchestrate their pre-orders.

Every year they increase the number of units available for pre-order so they can boast that their latest device has been pre-ordered twice what the previous model was pre-ordered. While at the same time not making available enough units to fulfill pre-order demand so their latest device sells out in record time.

After which every blog and tech site on the net runs with this as if it were news, providing Apple with free marketing and increasing the demand for their latest device. After all the best way to get someone who's sitting on the fence to rush out and buy your device is to instill the fear of not being able to get one if they don't act fast.

So no, I'm not impressed with 2 million pre-orders which sold out in just a couple hours because if sufficient supply was made available they could have easily sold 5 times that. But that would ruin the brilliant marketing of it, wouldn't it.


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