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by David Loft posted March 14th 2015

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I'm not sure where IGN is getting the idea that apps on Android Wear smartwatches are simple and Apple Watch apps are more advanced. Especially as the Apple Watch isn't even available yet. They're both simple if you compare them to smartphone apps and yet, they both have the same capability for great things. It's all up to developers.

They both have a different philosophy on how a watch should work.

Android Wear and the Apple Watch differ greatly in what content is pushed to forefront. On Android Wear, notifications and Google Now are up front, apps are there, but their not the first thing you see. The Apple Watch is mostly about apps, notifications are secondary and while they have voice input with Siri they have nothing like Google Now cards.

They both have a different philosophy on how a watch should work, Google thinks it should augment the phone by giving you a portal into the phones notifications and Google Now cards. Based on Google's design they feel if your going to look at photos, make a phone call, browse maps, read social feeds and play games you should pull out your faster phone with its bigger screen to do so.

Apple is trying to replicate what worked on the iPhone and iPad on the watch and focus on, for better or worse, apps. And there are some situations where this make sense. Mobile payments and location check ins among other apps will likely be better suited to the watch. I guess we'll see what people prefer as Google and Apple iterate their watch software. My guess is they end up meeting in the middle.

As for the differences, the Apple Watch lets you make calls (but please don't), make mobile payments and send little hand drawn messages and drawings, as well as your heart beat. I would likely use mobile payments, but the rest I just can't see myself using. The drawing messages and heartbeat feature feels gimmicky. But I'm sure it will be popular at first as it will demo well and kids will definitely love it.

Android Wear and the Apple Watch are not competing with one another

As of right now Android Wear's sole feature that the Apple Watch doesn't support is GPS. A definit benefit for anyone who likes to run or bike. It will allow them to leave their phone at home and still have all your fitness tracking done. And like the Apple Watch, Android Wear supports music, so no MP3 player will be required either. This functionality is again, likely not something I'd utilize, but definitely good for the athletic type.

What's worth noting in the end, all of this doesn't matter, Android Wear and the Apple Watch are not competing with one another. If you have an iPhone, you can chose between an Apple Watch and a Pebble Watch. If you have an Android phone, you can chose between an Android Wear watch and a Pebble Watch. And those are the comparisons we really need to talking about.

Source: Apple Watch vs. Android Wear: Comparing the Tech Giants Smartwatches

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