Microsoft Surface 3

by David Loft posted March 31st 2015

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At $499, it's priced in line with the iPad Air 2

The Surface 3's 10.8" 3:2 aspect ratio display is a great size. By comparison, I've always found the Pro 3 to be too big to make a great tablet and too small to make a great laptop. The Surface 3 looks like a great tablet, and unfortunately a not so good laptop. So as long as you're buying the Surface 3 for a tablet, it looks to be a good choice.

At $499, it's priced in line with the iPad Air 2, the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and just $100 more than the Nexus 9. This makes it a very compelling option in the premium tablet space. Unfortunately for us Canadians, it's $639. I get that going by exchange rate, that's what it should be. But when the iPad Air 2 is $90 cheaper in Canada, the Nexus 9 is $210 cheaper & the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is $120 cheaper, it's an issue, that will hurt sales...

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Android Wear vs Apple Watch

by David Loft posted March 14th 2015

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I'm not sure where IGN is getting the idea that apps on Android Wear smartwatches are simple and Apple Watch apps are more advanced. Especially as the Apple Watch isn't even available yet. They're both simple if you compare them to smartphone apps and yet, they both have the same capability for great things. It's all up to developers.

They both have a different philosophy on how a watch should work.

Android Wear and the Apple Watch differ greatly in what content is pushed to forefront. On Android Wear, notifications and Google Now are up front, apps are there, but their not the first thing you see. The Apple Watch is mostly about apps, notifications are secondary and while they have voice input with Siri they have nothing like Google Now cards.

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My Full Review of Pocket Casts 4

by David Loft posted March 10th 2013

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Pocket Casts was recently updated to version 4, and it's an awesome update, to a great app.

For the average user or anyone new to podcasts, this app will do everything you need and more. The killer feature this app has is the custom built syncing engine that backs up your list of podcasts, listened podcasts and your current position within podcasts. If you listen to podcasts on more than one device, like a phone and a tablet, this is the only app worth considering...

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Safe In Cloud Password Manager

by David Loft posted February 23rd 2013

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I like to have unique passwords for all my important accounts. As I do just about everything I can on the web, I have a lot of passwords. So a password manager is essential to my daily routine.

I just stared using Safe In Cloud Password Manager and it is an absolutely amazing app.

I'm so glad I finally decided to drop the pathetic 1Password app which on Android was read only. This app is beautifully designed as it follows the holo guidelines and is tablet optimized.

If you want it to sync between devices you can use Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or SkyDrive to handle the process for you...

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iPad Mini

by David Loft posted September 18h 2012

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It's not if or when that's important, it's how much?

And how does it fit between the products they currently offer? The old iPod Touch will continue to sell for $200 while the new iPod Touch will sell for $300. At $400 you have the iPad 2 and $500 the iPad 3. So where would an iPad mini fit in?

Another question is can Apple really compete with Google and Amazon on price? They're both selling at cost in hopes to make it up with their digital stores and advertising. Apple is built on hardware sales and it accounts for 90% of their profits. Their digital store is built as a lock in more than for a significant generation of profits...

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Apple's Pre-Order Orchestra

by David Loft posted September 17th 2012

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One of Apple's best marketing tactics is in the way they orchestrate their pre-orders.

Every year they increase the number of units available for pre-order so they can boast that their latest device has been pre-ordered twice what the previous model was pre-ordered. While at the same time not making available enough units to fulfill pre-order demand so their latest device sells out in record time...

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Apple vs Samsung

by David Loft posted August 28th 2012

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When the iphone was release, Phone manufacturers had three choices. Do nothing, copy or build something new.

Rim and Nokia chose to do nothing and continue as they were, now look at where there are, fractions of their once former selves.

Microsoft chose to build something new, they ditched Windows Mobile and the end result was Windows Phone. It's definitely new and refreshing, but it's also three years late.

Google and many of the OEM's who chose to employ Android chose to replicate Apple's success and I have to say at least with Samsung it was the right choice. It really was Samsung's shear size and manufacturing...

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Flipboard now Available for Android

by David Loft posted May 9th 2012

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Flipboard is now available for Android (Unofficially) and it equals the iOS version to a fault.

The biggest issue I have is that Flipboard ignores Android's share API. If you select share it just gives you an option to tweet. You can also share with one of three read later apps, but that's it. So if you want to share to Google+ or any other service not deemed worthy by Flipboard's developers, you can't.

It's also glitchy on my Galaxy Nexus with Force GPU rendering turned on, so if you use that feature to improve performance of other apps you will need to turn it off to use Flipboard....

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Honeycomb Tablet Growth

by David Loft posted February 5th 2012

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So after 10 months on the market Honeycomb is now on just under 9 million tablets.

Is 9 million good? Or is a failure the tech press has made it out to be. On that note I'm willing to bet if you asked them how many Honeycomb tablets have been sold, most would give you a number well below 9 million.

Even given the decent numbers they're not exactly flying off the shelves, especially compared to the iPad which has sold 15 million in Q4 alone. The Kindle Fire, which everyone is calling the most successful Android tablet sold just 5 million in Q4...

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