Best Comic of the Week February 20th - Sega #10

by David Loft posted February 27th 2013

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It was a good week in comics, took me a while to finish all of them. But after finishing them and letting the dust settle Saga rose to the top as the clear winner of the week. A planet gave birth to huge creature and a character looks to have died at the end. How could it not win.

Upon starting the book I was happy to see a flashback of Alana and Marko's early days. It's something they haven't done much of and it's nice to get some back story. After the flashback it seamlessly transfers back to the present without the need for a then and now. The transition is subtle, but clear and very well done. Brian K. Vaughan really knows how to craft a good story. Anyone who's read a few Saga or Y The Last Man can attest to that. He does an excellent job building characters and creating believable interactions and conflicts between them.

As always, the visuals in this book are crisp, colourful and uniquely creative.

I really can't say enough about the books visuals. The use of colour really makes the book come alive and that cover just begs to be read. It's great to have a strong writer artist combo that does every book together month after month. So often books have a few artists that alternate working on the book and the continuity often suffers.

This is the comic book any comic book fan should be reading right now. It's also the book I recommend to non comic book readers. Forget what you think comic books are, forget super heroes. if your new to comics, if your into science fiction, compelling story and beautiful art, read this book.

Score: 9.0

Buy: Saga #10

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