Best Comic of the Week February 13th - Batman #17

by David Loft posted February 18th 2013

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This was kinda a given wasn't it.

If not for the fact that it's my favorite super hero comic it's also one of the best super hero series currently in production and one of few good DC comics still running strong from it's New 52 introduction. Scott Snyder definitely knows how to write.

Batman #17 is the conclusion to the excellent Death of the Family story arc. While I have heard a few complaints that issue 17 was a letdown, I don't really agree with them. I never expected the Joker to kill Alfred or actually harm any of the main characters. No one ever really dies in comics, they always eventually come back. So no point making it a big part of the story only to have to write a story about how they miraculous survived in a later issue.

I liked the way it ended, and I feel it ended just as it should have. With Joker falling to his possible death leaving Bruce with that uneasy feeling of not knowing if he really did die. It makes sense to leave it open so the next time they bring out the Joker, they don't have to bother explaining anything.

But what I especially liked about it was the metaphorical death of the family.

Clearly Joker wasn't looking to kill any of the family members. His goal was to drive a wedge between them and Bruce. At the end of the issue you see each member in their own way cancel on their plans to meet with Bruce. While Bruce may have thought he defeated the Joker, it was in fact the other way around. The true effects Joker had the family will like take several issues or more to heal. Far longer than any physical wound would.

This was another great issue in easily my favorite run of Batman in quite some time. This issue, like the series, is a must read.

Score: 9.0

Buy: Batman #17

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