Best Comic of the Week February 6th - Snapshot #1

by David Loft posted February 11th 2013

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This was a hard week. None of the books were truly great, but none of them were bad either.

They were all good and I wen't back and forth a bit before deciding on Snapshot. The decision was based solely on the fact that I'm most excited for the next issue, than any of the other books. There's a couple unanswered questions and a great cliffhanger ending, it's just something the other books didn't have.

For a while I was considering Amazing Spider-Man #3. I've been ho hum about the series, but this weeks issue was easily the best. I also strongly considered Fearless Defenders, another good first issue. But it lacked a major story point that made the next issue a must read. It's definitely good enough for me to give a few more issues a read before I decide.

The only book I didn't consider for book of the week was All-New X-Men #7 and it was the issue I was most looking forward too. I'm still thoroughly loving the series and maybe it's because the series has been so great that the latest issue just didn't live up to my expectations. I guess it just didn't have enough action for my taste.

So that's my week, no highs, no lows, just middle of the road.

Which is likely why I have so little to talk about. I know I sound very negative, but they were good comics and I would definitely recommend them. They're just not the caliber that Batman and Robin was from last week.

Score: 7.5

Buy: Snapshot #1

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