Best Comic of the Week January 30th - Batman and Robin Annual #1

by David Loft posted February 4th 2013

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This comic surprised me. I've always enjoyed the artwork of this series as well as the dynamics between batman and robin, father and son. But the series far too often plays second fiddle to the excellent Scott Snyder's Batman. About half of the issues in the series so far has been used as mere filler for big story arch's such as Night of Owls and Death of the Family.

When engulfed by these side stories Batman and Robin often just becomes Robin and looses what makes the series great.

Annual #1 thankfully doesn't do this and to no surprise is the best Batman and Robin in quite some time. It's also a nicely contained issue not requiring you to read any other issues to enjoy. It's also fairly timeless and could be read at anytime during the series and still be enjoyed thoroughly.

This issue isn't about Batman, as he is only found in the first two pages and from that point forward it's just Bruce Wayne. But the real driver of the story is Damien (Bruce Wayne's son), who pretends to leave for Europe to set clues for Bruce to follow to rediscover his family. Instead he stays in Gotham and get's to do things his way as Bruce and Alfred trek through Europe. Damien dons his own bat suit and kicks ass on his own terms all the while green screening video and photos of himself to continue the rouse as if he was still in Europe.

What made this issue special was showing the real human behind the mask.

Each got to show just who they were beyond Batman, beyond Robin and a beyond just a butler. This is an issue I know I will be going back to again in the future. It's also one I can easily recommend to anyone with even a passing familiarity of Batman. If you didn't pick up this issue of Batman and Robin, do so.

Score: 9.0

Buy: Batman and Robin Annual #1

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